A platform to buy, sell and integrate Precious Metals

Connect your business to the world of Precious Metals through our API-driven service, with a multitude of products backed by redeemable physical bullion.
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MetalX Platform

Place trades with our verified Precious Metals products with ease.
Physical Gold/ Silver Bullion
Bullion Bars such as LBMA and non LBMA bars, Bullion coins and commemorative coins or medals.
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Spot Metal Trading
Trade In multiple currencies most competitive rates.
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Listed Gold ETF's
Track the price of gold, with access to the properties and security of owning physical gold without the need to arrange for storage and insurance separately.
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Tokenised Gold
100% backed by Precious Metals - Precious Metal tokens are always 1:1 backed by one gram of gold.
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Strike gold with API Integration

Speed to market

With our customisable hosted pages you can offer Precious Metals in a matter of days.

Global Reach 

Readily connected to approved refineries and dealers in your region with the best trade rates.


Trade precious metals in all the major currencies including  USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, TRY, CHF, AED, and many more.

Custody and Storage

Choose your storage of physical precious metal bullion through the Brinks network available in over 150 countries.

Integrate with MetalX

Connect Embedded

Minted Connect Embedded offers you a simple plug and play solution so you can start earning with just a few lines of code and immediately offer Precious Metals to your customer.
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If you love the idea of adding Precious Metals to your product portfolio, but want to offer a native experience within your platform, then our API is the solution for you.
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Our Solutions

White Label

We’ve built the tech so you can focus on building your business. Join our growing client base who prefer to let us doing the heavy tech work and get them to market faster than the competition for a first mover advantage.
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Employee Connect

Offer employees the unique benefit of gold as a form of payment for salary, rewards, and recognition, facilitating potential wealth growth and portfolio diversification.
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Connect to Precious Metals globally

Hold your Precious Metals globally with Minted Connect in multiple locations around the world.
We serve many countries world wide, contact us to find out if we supply Precious Metals in your region.

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Our Case Studies

Elevate Banking with a new and diversified asset
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Embedded Finance
Banking with embededd connect
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From virtual to real life rewards
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Diversify from multiple assets
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Banking taken to a new level
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Reward and Loyalty
Recognise and reward for employees and customers
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Read our White paper
Read our White paper

The Strategic Advantage:

How Precious Metals can give Fintechs an edge in the market.
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Visualise the revenue potential of Precious Metals Integration

Enter your customer base volumes, the expected monthly adoption and your average transactional value into our revenue projection calculator to see how adding precious metals to your platform can impact your bottom line.
*Please note these forecasts are to be used as a guide only. 

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